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Alex Maxwell's Surname List

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My Paternal Line I am Researching
* Dring>London, England
* Mathews >London, England

My Maternal Line I am Researching
* Pepper>Billingborough, England to Kent County, Ontario
* Guy>Leeds county, Ontario to Kent County, Ontario
* Broadbent>Lincolnshire to Kent County, Ontario
* Bump>Pennsylvania>to Kent County, Ontario
* Sicklesteel>Germany toto Kent County, Ontario to Michigan, USA
* Handley or Hanely>Lincolnshire to Kent County, Ontario

My Wife's Line I am Researching
* Paternal-Smith>Stanstead, Quebec
* Paternal-McLean>Stanstead, Quebec
* Paternal-Bacon >Stanstead, Quebec
* Maternal-Brownlow>Melbourne Township, Quebec
* Maternal-Jones>Melbourne Township, Quebec
* Maternal-Ritchie >Melbourne Township, Quebec
* Maternal-Whiting>Stevington, Bedfordshire, England
* Maternal-Bunker>Stevington, Bedfordshire, England and Lavendon, Buckinghamshire, England
* Maternal-Panter>Bedfordshire, England and Lavendon, Buckinghamshire, England

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