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Dorothy Hudson's Surnames

If you have any information
on the following individuals
please don't hesitate to contact me
by email .
Yours in genealogy.

Michalitschka, Rudolph John
b. about 1875 in Rockitnitz, Bohemia (Czeck)
Immigrated to the USA about 1896
His father: Anton Michalitschka
His mother: Clara ?ussel
His sister: Clara, married name-Vogel

Kastler, Wilhelm
b. 1892 in Hermaringen, Germany
His father: Bernhard Kastler
His mother: Barbara Maria Majer
Spouse: Lena Denninger-b. about 1902 Logenstienback, Germany
2nd Wife: Clara Weiland

Stinson, Anna
b. 1900 in Canada or USA
(Foster Child)
Lived in Alberta after age 5 years

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