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Rochelle Galbraith's Surname List

Thanks for stopping by. I am not researching my family roots but those of my spouse. My sister and fellow member Bobbie is doing our family.

The patch above is the Galbraith Clan Tartan

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Descendants of John M. Webber
Generation No. 1
1. John M.1 Webber was born January 08, 1831 in Rainham Township. He
married Elizabeth Webber.
At the time of Walter and Emma's marriage, John M Webber and his wife Eliza
were living in Hamilton Ont.
John died at the age of 83 of pneumonia and heart disease. He was living at
128 James St, Hamilton Ontario at the time of his death. Bearers werre
W.B. Webber, J.W. Webber, C.B. Webber, Walter Kerr Webber, Earl Webber and
Lyle Webber.
Rainham Township is the census area of Haldiman Monck.
Children of John Webber and Elizabeth Webber are:
+ 2 i. Walter Beattie2 Webber, born June 07, 1861; died November 30, 1921
in buried in family plot: Hamilton Cemetary, York St..
3 ii. Charles B Webber, born 1872.
4 iii. Henrietta Webber, born 1865.
5 iv. Carrie Webber, born 1876.
6 v. John M Webber.
Generation No. 2
2. Walter Beattie2 Webber (John M.1) was born June 07, 1861, and died
November 30, 1921 in buried in family plot: Hamilton Cemetary, York St..
He married Emma Nightingale Kerr November 20, 1883 in Wallaceburg, Ontario,
daughter of William Kerr and Jane Kerr.
Walter Webber was an Inventor and had invented a Wringer Washing Machine.
Granddaughter Eura Galbraith has a model of it.
It indicates on Azile's Birth Registration that Walter and Emma were a
Walter also worked for a company, owned by himself and a Charles B.
Webber, name "C B Webber & Co."
(31/03/98)I beleive that Charles was a brother to Walter, I have yet to
prove it.
On Walter and Emma's Marriage Registration, It indicates that JM Webber and
Eliza Webber are Walters parents, and William and Jane Kerr are Emma's
The witness's are a JB Webber and either Ella or Etta Webber, both of
Hamilton, Ontario. They were married by Rev. JR Phillips, in North Gore
Walter was married at the age of 22, a bachelor, and a gentleman.
Children of Walter Webber and Emma Kerr are:
7 i. Earl P.3 Webber. He married Edna Webber.
8 ii. Walter Basil Webber, born October 16, 1884 in Hamilton, Ontario;
died November 08, 1918 in buried in family plot: Hamilton Cemetary, York St..
+ 9 iii. Azile Gertrude Webber, born July 29, 1888 in Hamilton, Ontario;
died September 10, 1964 in Kelowna, BC, and buried in Timmins Ont..
10 iv. Lyle Kerr Webber, born May 21, 1891; died January 07, 1953 in
buried in family plot: Hamilton Cemetary, York St..
11 v. Clide Laurier Webber, born September 30, 1896; died June 30, 1982 in
buried in family plot: Hamilton Cemetary, York St..
Generation No. 3
9. Azile Gertrude3 Webber (Walter Beattie2, John M.1) was born July 29,
1888 in Hamilton, Ontario, and died September 10, 1964 in Kelowna, BC, and
buried in Timmins Ont.. She married Roy Percy Smith, son of Charles Smith
and Clara Bowman.
Was living in Kelowna BC with her daughter Nadine at the time of her death
on September 10, 1964.
Azile was named after the Kerr and Beatty name of Eliza. She was also a
Daughter of the British Empire.
Birth Reg. #039305
5 generation UEL

Descendants of George Maurice Smith
Generation No. 1
1. GEORGE MAURICE1 SMITH was born 1830, and died 1900 in Dundas, Ontario.
It indicates on the Marriage Record of Charles and Clara, George was at
that time a farmer in or around West Flamboro, Ont. George is buried, with
his wife, in the Henry Binkley Cemetery, Dundas, located at the south end
of Desjardins Avenue.
Children of George Smith and Christine Binkley are:
2. i. CHARLES HERBERT2 SMITH, b. October 14, 1864, West Flamboro, Ontario;
d. January 03, 1927, Dundas, Ontario - buried in Grove Cemetary.
ii. FREDRICK SMITH, b. Abt 1877.
iii. CHRISTINA C.R. SMITH, b. 1856; d. 1879.
iv. WILLIAM E. SMITH, b. 1862; d. 1907, Dundas, Ontario - buried in Grove
Generation No. 2
2. CHARLES HERBERT2 SMITH (GEORGE MAURICE1) was born October 14, 1864
in West Flamboro, Ontario, and died January 03, 1927 in Dundas, Ontario -
buried in Grove Cemetary. He married CLARA SUSAN BOWMAN March 12, 1890 in
Dundas, Ontario, daughter of Jacob Bowman and Barbara Slipes.
Charles Smith was found on the 1891 census, as married to his wife Clara
It also indicates that the birth place of Charles mother and father is
Charles and Clara were of Presbyterian religion. Charles, Clara and
Fredrick (Fredrick is Charles Brother) all could read and write English.
Charles and Fredrick are of Irish origin. Clara is dugh?
1891 Census indicates that Charles was a farmer, and later became a tax
Charles was 25 years old when he married Clara. Witness on Marriage Record
indicates a William E Smith.
Charles Herbert Smith died of a brain tumor.
Charles is burried in the Grove Cemetery, Dundas, Ont.
Children of Charles Smith and Clara Bowman are:
3. i. ROY PERCY3 SMITH, b. March 29, 1892, Dundas, Ontario; d. 1958,
Timmins, Ontario, Canada.
ii. HARRY SMITH, b. April 26, 1895.
iii. KATHLENE SMITH, b. December 04, 1898.
iv. HERBERT C. SMITH, b. 1901; d. 1965, Dundas, Ontario - buried in Grove
Generation No. 3
1892 in Dundas, Ontario, and died 1958 in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. He
married AZILE GERTRUDE WEBBER, daughter of Walter Webber and Emma Kerr.
Graduated from High School at the Age of 14. Started into Medical School in
Ontario, Canada, at the age of 15. When Roy was 21 he joined the British
Army. Because he was deemed an 'essential service' the Canadian Government
would not let him join the Canadian Forces.
Roy had a Medical practice in Hamilton Ontario. His partner was William
(Bill) McClaren, which whom he had met on a ship coming back from England.
Their practice was in South Porcupine.
Roy Percy Smith had started to set up Medical Plans with the Mines in
Ontario. He was working on a deal which is now somewhat like Blue Cross.
Roy Percy Smith died suddenly of heart failure in 1958. He is buried in
the Timmins Cemetary near Timmins Ontario.
Ontario Obit. R.P. Smith was the President of the Ontario college of
Physicans and Surgeons. Was in the Canadian Army Medical Corp. during 1st
WW. Founder and director of the Hollinger Employees Medical Service.
Birth Reg. # 037188

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My Spouse's Paternal Line I am Researching

My Spouse's Maternal Line I am Researching